Just Because…

Have you ever stayed up late (and I mean very late), knowing perfectly well you have to be awake early the next morning? It sucks waking up the next morning. Really, it does. Every corner of your being craves a few more hours of quality time with your bed: But you have to be up! Sucks . . . first class! With saggy eyelids, sore eyes and brain cells working at levels barely midway between sleep and wakefulness, you crawl out of bed and shuffle your way out of your room. You bump into someone out in the hallway: Your eyes are barely open and you’re not sure if it’s your brother or sister, or maybe the dog practicing ‘stand-ups’ on its hind feet. You mumble out some two-word phrase, which you believe was “Good morning.” Actually, it ended up sounding more like “Wood warming.” What on earth is that supposed to mean?!

Ok, your morning has probably never been that weird. But I’m sure you do find yourself mumbling some untypeable words to the people you meet on some mornings from time to time. Sometimes, they’re clearly audible, “Good morning”: But why do we do that? Have you ever bothered to wonder or ask why we say “Good morning” in the morning?

Here’s our seemingly reasonable response: “It’s morning: What else do you say? Good evening?” And that’s our problem: We’ve turned it into one of those pointless routines we have to do. Nighttime? Good night! Oh, it’s Christmas? Merry Christmas! Did the needle just prick you? I think I have to say sorry.

Do you see it now? Maybe not just yet. I never really saw it until my dad opened my eyes to this fact during a Bible study. We say a lot of things just because . . . and we don’t really mean what we say. We actually don’t understand what we say. “Good morning” is not just some two-word expression we say in the morning. When we use that expression we’re supposed to mean something like: “I’m sincerely desiring that you have a good morning. And by ‘good’, I mean excellent, superb, outstanding, fabulous, ace, terrific, magnificent, awesome, wicked, and many other synonymous adjectives. And I really mean it!“ But we usually seem to be saying, “Oh goodness, it’s morning! I actually find saying this thing every morning very unbearable. But hey, the universe says we should, so . . . here’s your share of that ‘Good morning’ greeting thing. Good morning. There!“

Do you find yourself saying some things just because they kind of have to be said? Like saying “Sorry” just because you don’t want to feel awkward, and not because you really are sorry? Or saying “I love you too” at the end of the phone call just because that’s the involuntary response to her “I love you”?

Do you mean what you say, or do you say things just because you have to?

Have a good morning…and I mean it. Seriously, I really do!


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